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Cruising – a Great Choice for Multi-Generational Vacations

For many, taking a cruise is the ideal way to quickly plan a vacation for the entire family, without the hassle of planning an itinerary. Cruises provide a safe and luxurious way to relax, be able to visit several destinations, and only unpack your suitcase once!

It is also great for a family reunion of sorts, where two or even three generations can spend time together. Here are the top reasons why taking a cruise is the best choice for families with multigenerational travelers.

There are Amenities for All Ages

Whether you are two or 92, a cruise has something that will both pamper and entertain you. A wide array of activities and amenities await you on a cruise ship to suit every preference and age group. The grandparents can enjoy shows, spas, and precious time with their grandchildren by the pool. Cruises also offer things like children’s programs, teen clubs, and supervised activities, while the adults can go off on their own elsewhere on the ship. Onshore excursions, everyone can enjoy taking tours.

Flexible Travel

Cruises offer flexible vacation options and a low-stress respite from their normal routine. Families can choose a cruise itinerary and a ship that best suits everyone in their family and choose to participate in as little or as many activities as they like. The kids can even get involved in the planning process by helping to choose a destinations or an onshore excursion for the entire family to take together.

There’s Room for Independent Exploration

Taking cruising together provides a unique opportunity for families to stay together while also giving them a chance to split up and do separate activities very easily. For example, family members can explore the ship or ports of call on their own during the day, while coming together in the evenings for a shared meal and/or nightly entertainment on the ship.

Stress-Free and Easy Planning

Cruises are the best all-inclusive trip you can take. It combines transportation, accommodation, dining, and entertainment all in one package. The only thing left to plan is what you’ll do when the ship docks at a port-of-call.

Sharing the World with Your Loved Ones

By traveling to foreign lands on a large cruise ship, multi-generational families have the unique opportunity to be able to see the world together. Something not so easily achieved on a regular vacation where flights, hotels, and other activities need to be planned separately. A cruise allows family members of all ages to experience new things – such as sampling new cuisines, visiting historical sites, and immersing themselves in new cultures. It creates a bonding experience between family members like no other vacation can.

Travel is the Best Teacher – Cruising is a Great Classroom

In addition, traveling with your children can be one of the best life lessons for them you can give. They learn things about that world that no classroom or amount of home-schooling can give. By venturing to new places, they will not only play in new surroundings, but they will also discover new cultures and get a keen sense of how other people live. Travel is a great teacher; the world is the best classroom.